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The estate planning attorneys at the Law Offices of Kirk McIntosh know the law and know California. With over 40 years of experience serving The Golden State, we are dedicated to serving the legal needs of the communities that raised us. We believe that efficient, effective legal service should be accessible to everyone.

At the Law Offices of Kirk McIntosh, our clients receive competent, passionate legal representation. We are responsive and personal, and we have an all-inclusive mentality. Our primary goal is to find the best possible solutions to your estate planning and litigation needs.

During our 40 years in business, we have assisted over 3,500 clients and have handled every phase of estate planning and probate, including litigating cases where trustees or executors are not meeting the fiduciary duties by failing to act or by treating certain beneficiaries unfairly. We have also handled many cases related to elder abuse, undue influence, and fraud. Simply stated, we are experts in this area of law.

Whatever area of law your case falls into, having a capable lawyer on your side is the first step to achieving the results you seek. Let the attorneys at the Law Offices of Kirk McIntosh put their legal skill and experience to work for you.

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The Law Offices of Kirk McIntosh is fully equipped to handle all of your trust and estate needs - everything from estate planning, trusts, conservatorships, guardianships, probate administration, and litigation. Additionally we handle probate estates in all 58 counties in California. We would be honored to represent your position on a variety of issues. Call us today to set up a free initial consultation to speak with Kirk McIntosh.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kirk McIntosh understand the stakes involved in estate planning, and that details matter. They help clients prepare:
Advanced Healthcare Directives;
Durable Powers of Attorney; and more.

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Probate Administration

Probate Administration

In California, estates of people who die may go through a process called probate. Probates are challenging, and performing tasks incorrectly can lead to litigation. Getting help from an experienced estate planning attorney helps avoid potential issues and ensures that the estate administration will proceed smoothly.

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Preparing for when you pass away is a part of the future that most people prefer not to think about. However, for your children or dependents, business ventures, and other circumstances, it is a necessity to do so. Trusts are a great way to plan for all the important people in your life to be taken care of after you’re gone.

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Conservatorship & Guardianship

Conservatorship & Guardianship

When someone needs legal authority to take care of a disabled loved or a minor, they must be appointed as the conservator or guardian. The court process to be appointed in these roles can be complex. Most people turn to an experienced attorney to ensure that everything is handled properly.

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Professional Fiduciary Services

Professional Fiduciary Services

A fiduciary is someone who manages money or other property for another. When someone is named as a fiduciary they must—by law—put the other person’s interests before their own. Sometimes it is best to have a professional navigate these complicated dynamics.

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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Litigation holds unique experiences for everyone. No matter which side you're on, there's a good chance that the other party won't see things from your perspective. You'll have to defend your point of view, so evidence and valid legal arguments are essential. Working with an attorney will help you make your arguments stronger and avoid costly mistakes.

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Who We Are

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kirk McIntosh only provide quality and dependable service having represented over 3,500 trusted clients and close to 750 probate estates. Their goal is to represent all clients with dignity and care leaving them satisfied with an exceptional outcome. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kirk McIntosh have tried a case in all 58 counties in California.

Kirk McIntosh is our founding partner. He is a member of the specialty section of the Orange County Bar Association for Estates & Trust, has an LL.M. in Taxation, and can prepare estate tax returns (Form 706).

Calvin Bryne is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary and managing partner for our firm.

In the Law Offices of Kirk McIntosh, Orange County has compassionate, responsive and effective lawyers it can count on. To this end, the attorneys offer their clients:

  • One-on-one individual care
  • House calls by appointment
  • Free initial consultations
  • Flexible scheduling

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